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My name is Amanda Egerer, I am in charge of things around these parts, I love taking pictures and designing things.

The goal is to provide  refreshing, unique, high-quality photos, designs, and services for prices that aren’t going to make too large of a hole in your pocket.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve spent the last few years living out my dream, A.K.A: the American dream.  I am running my own business, constantly learning new things, and battling head to head with the challenges, and choices following my dream has faced me with.

I’m the founder, photographer and designer here at Artistic Melodies, a freelance photo  business in Traverse City, Michigan – which provides fresh and sassy pieces of art for you.  I try really hard to give my costumers and followers photos that don’t make them want to go to sleep or break a camera or something.  I am tired of seeing cookie-cutter “professional” photos. Professional, smeshional.  That’s no fun!  I think it’s time to surpass “professional” photos with enjoyable and refreshing images that say: “I had a good time doing this!”  Not “it looks like they tied me up to get these pictures.”

I am inspired by modern, and fresh kind of photos.  I think they hold so much drama, and I mean who doesn’t like a good drama queen. I also, without a doubt, know more about The Avett Brothers than you. Try me.

Aside from all of that, I’m twenty years of age, a folk singer, movie-quoter, major Jesus freak, an avid thrift shopper, Lord of the Rings geek, and an enthusiastic Netflix user.


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